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Lady Anja wants her many slaves to log on and let her slaves pay to see her and hear her humiliate them as well as tease them about how small their penis's are or how worthless and pathetic they are. She loves sitting in her skimpy clothing and knee high boots as she teases and denies her slaves of showing off her body, this is one financial domination that you will never forget.

Mistress Melissa and Mistress Danielle are celebrating the weekend by having a few cocktails, these women love teasing and humiliating their fans who watch as they rack up charges just to see them, these two love financial domination and will make their pay slave to have a few drinks with them. They have no problems taking your money and will make you their drunk slave do anything they want as long as you pay.

Mistress Megan and Mistress Xana are sitting down in their chairs as they have a sick foot smelling pervert trapped in the corner naked from the waist down. They begin ballbusting as he begs them to stop they laugh in his face humiliating him as they call him worthless and pig. These foot femdoms love trampling his cock with their dirty bare feet causing as much pain possible to teach him a lesson.

These two femdoms love training their new shoe slaves, they can never get enough of testing their ability of being their slave. These sadosisters begin by having him worship their shoes, he has to lick their boots clean humiliating him by keeping his head on the floor while licking their dirty soles clean. They then use him as a human foot stool while they sit on their couch relaxing while they can.

Mistress Maeva makes her slave lick the bottoms of her sexy black shoes clean. While she sits on a stone wall her slave stands on the ground under her and licks the dirt right off her shoes. The soles are really dirty and look disgusting! But the Mistress doesn't care and wants her slave to lick her shoes clean!

Mistress Tessa and Lady Lindsey Leigh are sitting in their garden, discuss some things and smoke their cigarettes. While they are talking to each other a slave is lying on the ground and totally ignored by them. Then you can see what they use him for: They make him be their living ashtray. He eats up their ashes and after that they use him as footstool...

Mistress Katja has bound up her classmate as punishment who was actually not helping her with her homework. Next she forces him to lick her sneakers and puts her stinky shoes on his face to cover his mouth and nose. And to make sure he feels really humiliated she takes pictures of him in this pitiful position...

Mistress Xenia has her slave right where she wants him. Now she can make him do all those things she always wanted him to do. First she forces him to lick her arm pits clean. He has to lick all the sweat right out of her arm pit. After that she forces him to smell her stinky socks and sniff her bare sweaty feet...

Mistress sexy Jenny humiliates you again by showing you her tiny finger in comparison with your penis. She sits on her leather sofa and lights up a cigarette. "You want to jerk off, well then get down on your knees", she says. Then she continues: "Where's the piggy tax?" and you find yourself handing over two hundred dollars to her what she receipted with a smile. "Well go on you pathetic freak, and keep your focus on my feet where it belongs..."

Mistress Claudia makes her living pet ANYTHING just to humiliate himself for her. In this clip you get a proof of that. She really makes him lick the wheels of her BMW clean. He is forced to put his head down and then she presses and pushes his head against her bmw...

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