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The female slave promised to remain motionless during the session without knowing what was coming to her. Since the other girls hate the female slave, they placed in her mouth a plastic urinal and one after one they spit several loogies on it. She pulls down her blue pants and pisses into her lesbian mouth through the funnel. It is day by day for the toilet slave.

This sexy lady with some big tits knows exactly what you would love to have filling your mouth and then making its way down your throat, into your stomach. She squats down in the middle of the kitchen after pulling down her pants and then she begins to piss into a bowl of cereal. She knows you would just love to come in and lick up her stinky bowl of hot urine.

This one is a real hard one! Mistress Samira and Lady Ronja are preparing a delicious pizza for their slaves. They trample the dough, spit on it, put cut fingernails on it and decorate it with shaved hairs. They even grate horny skin from their feet on it, urine on it and do much more... This pizza seems to be the best you ever had...

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