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Mistress Katja is sitting in the back of her boyfriend's car. He had the taste for her feet since he has a foot fetish. When he takes her shoes off he gets a whiff of her smelly feet. Her socks are slightly damp from the sneakers and socks. Katja pushes them in face and orders him to sniff them and lick the bottom of her dirty socks.

Mistress Lea goes out dancing all night and when she returns home she finds her foot slave where she found him, tied and helpless sitting on the floor. She grabs a chair and sits in front of him. This foot femdom smiles and takes off her high heel boots, she then shoves them in his face forcing him to smell her dirty shoes. The humiliated slave takes a verbal beating as she smiles at his suffering.

Princess Chanel is sitting outside when she commands her slave to get on his knees at her feet and worship them. He begins to lick the dirt of the bottoms of her shoes making sure that her soles are licked clean. This foot mistress then removes her shoes for her slave to smell as she humiliates him by calling him worthless as he licks the spit off of the bottom of her shoes that she put there.

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