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Mistress Megan and Mistress Xana are sitting down in their chairs as they have a sick foot smelling pervert trapped in the corner naked from the waist down. They begin ballbusting as he begs them to stop they laugh in his face humiliating him as they call him worthless and pig. These foot femdoms love trampling his cock with their dirty bare feet causing as much pain possible to teach him a lesson.

These two femdoms love training their new shoe slaves, they can never get enough of testing their ability of being their slave. These sadosisters begin by having him worship their shoes, he has to lick their boots clean humiliating him by keeping his head on the floor while licking their dirty soles clean. They then use him as a human foot stool while they sit on their couch relaxing while they can.

Mistress Katja tells you that she hates you! She things that guys like you are disgusting and ugly and just god to spend their money on girls like her and to worship them of course. She begins to spit into your face! Over and over again she snots and spits until your whole sight is covered by her nasty slime. Next she commands you to lick it all up for her...

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