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Sexy Queen Aston has no real need for you tiny cock. There's no way that it could ever satisfy her like her big black cock studs. Instead, she's going to make a special position for you because she thinks that you're so pathetic that you're a little cute. She's going to let you be her new puppy. She'll let you lick her pretty little toes like a good dog, but that's as far as you get.

Lady Pam and Miss Lana decide to torture their slave together. They degrade him and humiliate him with taunts before using his mouth as a spittoon and ashtray then slapping his face. This slave will learn to follow orders as Lady Pam and Miss Lana have their way with him. They always do what they wish to their slaves and their slaves always thank them for it.

Mistress Katja wants to know if her slave has what it takes to please her, she pulls out a ruler to compare. She begins comparing your penis and then humiliates you for having a small penis, her humiliated slave sits quietly taking her verbal abuse. This humiliation POV will have a sexy ass mistress who loves teasing you for having a tiny cock and will make you take it like a man.

Mistress Jenny loves using financial domination when it comes to her paying slaves. She will take their money without a care in the world to see her and her high heel boots, watch as she teases you with her body and then denying you the privilege to even lick her boots. She will make her humiliated slave wait to cum as he beats off to her sexy ass while she smokes her cigarette.

Mistress Katja tells you that she hates you! She things that guys like you are disgusting and ugly and just god to spend their money on girls like her and to worship them of course. She begins to spit into your face! Over and over again she snots and spits until your whole sight is covered by her nasty slime. Next she commands you to lick it all up for her...

Mistress Lady Juely sits on her favorite red leather sofa as she calls out for you. As soon as you are there she makes you lick her boots clean with a smile on her beautiful face. After you are done she tells you that you will be rewarded: She makes you open up your mouth and begins to spit in it! After she's done she allows you to swallow it all for her.

You are kneeling on the ground in front of Mistress Cassandra your mature financial domme. She tells you how pathetic you are and what she thinks about you. You are nothing to her not even a dirt spot on her soles, she tells, as she lifts up one of her black boots to show off her sexy plateau sole.

Sexy Mistress Katja wears a sexy blue tight jeans. You are laying on the ground, watching this gorgeous mistress as she lowers her ass right on your face. She wants you to totally obey her as she deserves. Next she makes you smell and worship her sexy ass...

You are kneeling right in front of mistress Katja in this clip as she commands you to open up your mouth very wide for her. Then she lights up a cigarette and smiles down on you as she lowers it to your mouth. "Open up" she says as she drops the first ashes into it. You are forced to swallow it all for her and your reward is a kiss on her shoes...

Mistress lady Anja knows how weak and pathetic you are and now she teases you with her perfect sexy body! She slowly and hypnotically moves right in front of you and makes you drooling but of course you are not allowed to put a hand on yourself! You are just pathetic and humiliated...

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