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Princess Jenny is a hot mistress who likes to humiliate guy she does not like. If she is not into a guy and he tried to seduce her, she takes advantage and instead of saying no, she makes the guy her slave. She flirts with him and then takes him home where instead of having fun like the guy expects, she humiliates him cruelly and has fun at his expense.

Princess Jenny is punishing her small penis humiliation slaves. They are instructed to buy the video several times as a tax and reminder that their cocks are tiny. The small penis humiliation video has Princess Jenny verbally abusing the mini penis slaves.

Jenny is only in her black bra and panty set with her black heels while you are laying flat on your back. She has to be in the dominating role otherwise she won't play dirty with you. As a humiliated slave you take on her brutal punishment and with a smile or she will stomp all over you in those sexy black high heels. Sniff her feet and lick the bottoms of her soles until they are clean.

To Princess Jenny you're nothing more than a toy for her to play with. Get on the floor for this dark, sultry vixen and worship at the soles of her thigh high boots and be grateful she doesn't stab you with their sharp heels. As she blows cigarette smoke into your face and flicks her ash at you can see how little you mean to this cruel mistress who's disgusted by your existence.

Mistress Jenny loves using financial domination when it comes to her paying slaves. She will take their money without a care in the world to see her and her high heel boots, watch as she teases you with her body and then denying you the privilege to even lick her boots. She will make her humiliated slave wait to cum as he beats off to her sexy ass while she smokes her cigarette.

Mistress Jenny calls out for you, her living ashtray. She sits on her sofa and lights up a cigarette as she looks into your eyes. Next she breathes in the smoke and commands you to open up your mouth! You actually do as you are told to and she put the ashes right into your mouth...

Mistress sexy Jenny humiliates you again by showing you her tiny finger in comparison with your penis. She sits on her leather sofa and lights up a cigarette. "You want to jerk off, well then get down on your knees", she says. Then she continues: "Where's the piggy tax?" and you find yourself handing over two hundred dollars to her what she receipted with a smile. "Well go on you pathetic freak, and keep your focus on my feet where it belongs..."

Jenny wears her sexy black bikini in this clip! You are kneeling down to her feet as she commands you to eat all your dog food out of the bowl. It looks disgusting to you but you are totally helpless and have to eat everything she gives you. So you bend over and eat dog food to please her...

Jenny keeps your small-dick-cage locked up! You are teased and mind-fucked but your little dick won't be released until you haven't paid your loser tax! And after you have done you are maybe allowed to stroke that tiny weewee about 10 times and then it's about time to put it back in his mouse hole...

Princess sexy Jenny simply deserves to be served! Her perfect body and her beautiful face make her look like a true princess. She poses in skin tight jeans right in front of you and shows you your place to her sexy black leather boots. She laughs ant you and humiliates you for being so pathetic to worship girls instead of speaking to them. But you are just a slave...

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