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Bratty Jamie just got down with her soccer practice. She is still wearing her sweat pants, tank top and sports bra. She sweaty brat humiliates you with a roll of toilet paper first because you never wipe your ass completely. Then she humiliates your small penis with the soccer ball. Face it, she could get off more with the sports ball than she can with your little dick. You really should have someone help you with small peter problem.

A drop dead ebony Goddess humiliates your small white penis. She has nothing better to do with her precious time other than to put you down for being so damn tiny in the dick department. Maybe she should rethink her requirements about having guys like you being her submissive slaves. They should all have at least six inch cocks but then you wouldn't be one of her slaves. Maybe you should think of ways of making your small white cock twice the size.

Sexy Queen Aston has no real need for you tiny cock. There's no way that it could ever satisfy her like her big black cock studs. Instead, she's going to make a special position for you because she thinks that you're so pathetic that you're a little cute. She's going to let you be her new puppy. She'll let you lick her pretty little toes like a good dog, but that's as far as you get.

Princess Jenny is punishing her small penis humiliation slaves. They are instructed to buy the video several times as a tax and reminder that their cocks are tiny. The small penis humiliation video has Princess Jenny verbally abusing the mini penis slaves.

Mistress Katja wants to know if her slave has what it takes to please her, she pulls out a ruler to compare. She begins comparing your penis and then humiliates you for having a small penis, her humiliated slave sits quietly taking her verbal abuse. This humiliation POV will have a sexy ass mistress who loves teasing you for having a tiny cock and will make you take it like a man.

Mistress sexy Jenny humiliates you again by showing you her tiny finger in comparison with your penis. She sits on her leather sofa and lights up a cigarette. "You want to jerk off, well then get down on your knees", she says. Then she continues: "Where's the piggy tax?" and you find yourself handing over two hundred dollars to her what she receipted with a smile. "Well go on you pathetic freak, and keep your focus on my feet where it belongs..."

Yes you heard right boner boy! I own your silly pathetic micro cock. This key leads directly to your cage, and we both know that you must work really hard to satisfy and please me so that I may allow you to get out of your little cage for a while... But that lays somewhere in the future. You better get to work and stop dissipate my time...

Hey smalldick, why are you staring at me? I know everything about you and your tiny little secret - isn't that pathetic? You will never please any woman with this little wiener in your pants. My opinion is that you are just good for one thing: Becoming my personal slave girl - because you are not a man - and you should spoil and pamper me! Maybe you are allowed to tub that little stiffy against a pillow as reward...

Princess sexy Jenny simply deserves to be served! Her perfect body and her beautiful face make her look like a true princess. She poses in skin tight jeans right in front of you and shows you your place to her sexy black leather boots. She laughs ant you and humiliates you for being so pathetic to worship girls instead of speaking to them. But you are just a slave...

Lady Mistery loves to tease her slaves with her perfect body. This time she makes you weak by having a look on her. She gives you commands and orders you to worship her like she deserves to be worshipped - you are nothing to her, just a little pay bitch she can use to live a luxury life...

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