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Mistress Gaia and her friend love horses and since they loved in a house where they could not have pets, they decided to have human ones. They turned this loser into their human pony. They rode him and enjoyed whipping him whenever they felt he was getting tired or not following their instructions well. It was humiliating besides being painful for the slave but the mistresses did not care about what he felt.

Lisa Jordan loves money. And the way she makes lots of it is by knowing your secrets and blackmailing you.

Mistress BlackDiamond is not satisfied with the domination and humiliation of her male slaves. She's also a money princess. She takes some of her slaves and pimps them out as male prostitutes. She rents out male ass to the highest bidder and you better bring her a lot of cash. If you don't, she will further your humiliation and make you pay with your ass because she's a cash money girl.

The Moneyprincess laughs about you. You are such a little pathetic wimp sitting there and beating your little dick as if it would spit out anything useful. You will never please a woman and all you are good for is giving your money to beautiful merciless brats who tease you and make you become an addicted loser.

Lady Money Princess talks to you in POV as you are kneeling right in front of her. She starts to spit on the ground and makes you bend over to lick all the nasty stuff right from the ground. As reward you are getting trampled by her sexy high heeled shoes...

The cruel money sisters are both standing in front of you as they command you to kneel down and get closer to them. After you are just kneeling in front of them, they are starting to open your mouth violently. First they drop their cigarette ashes right into your mouth, after that they spit into it and make you swallow it all.

The money princess is preparing your slave dinner right in front of you. But don't expect too much - I mean of course it's a huge honor licking up your mistress spit and eating her cigarette ashes and leftovers but that's also everything you get, nothing more. Since she decided to put you onto a diet you will learn to eat her garbage until you are getting thinner...

Miss lady money princess loves your money and takes it all from you. She knows how pathetic you are and loves to turn you into a will-less pig. Get down on your knees and hand over your wallet to this superior mistress, you have no choice - so don't start to think you could get away without being milked dry...

You follow those two sexy bikini wearing mistresses as they notice you. They immediately figure out that you are a weak and submissive person. And it doesn't take long until you are spat on, humiliated and trampled. And as reward for getting so much attention those ladies take all your money...

This slave has the honor of visiting Lady Andrea at home. Of course she wants to have some fun with him. She uses his hands as her ashtray, makes him kiss her feet and slaps his face before she grabs a permanent marker and writes "Money Princess' loser" on his body - good luck explaining that to your wife loser!

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