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This incredibly hot brunette girl wearing sexy lingerie really wants to swallow your cum, even though you haven't filled up her glass of cum yet. She is incredibly seducing and wants you to cum for her but won't let you spill over her cup! You want to do exactly what she says because you know if you do then you will eventually be rewarded by exactly what you want from her!

Denise has an ass to die for. And she knows it. Being a sadistic mistress, she likes to use it to attract guys and then humiliate them

Lisa Jordan has ass and tits to die for. She's sexy and enjoys humiliating those who want her. Today she was playing with herself and torturing the guy who was dying to have her

This mistress knows that she's hot. And she likes to use it to humiliate her slaves. She likes to show them her ass and make them masturbate. She also likes to make them smell it and lick it however dirty.

You will never be able to get what you are always dreaming about - but you will keep up paying and pampering mistress sexy Anja even if you will never touch her. You are just a wimp for her, pathetic and useful if your wallet is big enough. But after raping it and ruining you, she isn't interested in you and will kick you off...

Hey smalldick, why are you staring at me? I know everything about you and your tiny little secret - isn't that pathetic? You will never please any woman with this little wiener in your pants. My opinion is that you are just good for one thing: Becoming my personal slave girl - because you are not a man - and you should spoil and pamper me! Maybe you are allowed to tub that little stiffy against a pillow as reward...

Mistress lady Anja knows how weak and pathetic you are and now she teases you with her perfect sexy body! She slowly and hypnotically moves right in front of you and makes you drooling but of course you are not allowed to put a hand on yourself! You are just pathetic and humiliated...

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