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Princess Serena made out with this guy. He was loaded and dressed well. They went back to his place and as they got undressed, she realized he had a small dick. She could not hold back her laughter and she even mocked him for his small dick. She did not care what he felt. There was no way she was going to let such a tiny dick inside her pussy.

You thought you were here to fuck us? No way loser. You are here to be dominated and we hope we humiliate you when we laugh at you and demand that you jerk off. The whole time you play with your tiny dick we mock you until you cum on your hand. Now you have to lick it off while we watch and make fun of you. You are such a loser.

Hey smalldick, why are you staring at me? I know everything about you and your tiny little secret - isn't that pathetic? You will never please any woman with this little wiener in your pants. My opinion is that you are just good for one thing: Becoming my personal slave girl - because you are not a man - and you should spoil and pamper me! Maybe you are allowed to tub that little stiffy against a pillow as reward...

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