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Lady Anja wanted to keep a record of what she did to humiliate her slaves so that it would serve as a warning to new slaves. So she went ahead and she made a video of how she used her ass to dominate this slave. She farted on him and he had to endure the smells and she even told him she would use her heels to crush his nuts. He cried and she did not ball crush him.

Lady Anja noticed this married man staring at her and she knew what he wanted. She was not going to nail a married man and she had to let him know that. She first of all teased him and then she denied him. When he tried to ask why she did that, she told him that she did not mess with married men. He had a wife he needed to nail and not her.

Lady Anja knew that her man had the hots for her. She knew he had a thing for his ass and he never resisted it. She was not happy with him today and she chose to teach him a lesson. The lesson involved teasing and denying him using her hot ass. She was sure he would not resist her ass and that is why she did it. It was worth it for her.

Lady Anja doesn't want a little dick man and she has no problem humiliating you if you have one. Dressed in animal print lingerie, fishnets, and purple high heels she rolls around on her couch seductively. This femdom pulls down her shirt to show her perky breasts while sucking on her middle finger. She will tease and denial you if need be so don't cry because she doesn't want you.

Lady Anja wants her many slaves to log on and let her slaves pay to see her and hear her humiliate them as well as tease them about how small their penis's are or how worthless and pathetic they are. She loves sitting in her skimpy clothing and knee high boots as she teases and denies her slaves of showing off her body, this is one financial domination that you will never forget.

You are again kneeling in front of your Mistress Lady Anja. This Lady has always new ideas how to degrade and humiliate you. This time she demands your mobile phone and as you hand it over she tells you to kiss her high heels. As you begin she takes pictures with your cell phone and tells you that she is going to send those pictures to all of your contacts even to your wife...

You are Lady Anja's personal chairman - that's an honor isn't it? First she enters the room and starts to spit into your face. After that she makes you stare at her perfect ass and lowers it right onto your face. There's nothing you can do against it and she keeps laughing at you all the time... What a cruel mistress...

You will never be able to get what you are always dreaming about - but you will keep up paying and pampering mistress sexy Anja even if you will never touch her. You are just a wimp for her, pathetic and useful if your wallet is big enough. But after raping it and ruining you, she isn't interested in you and will kick you off...

The cruel money sisters are both standing in front of you as they command you to kneel down and get closer to them. After you are just kneeling in front of them, they are starting to open your mouth violently. First they drop their cigarette ashes right into your mouth, after that they spit into it and make you swallow it all.

Lady Anja knows that you would love to jerk off watching her clips and pictures - but you are denied. She also knows that you would never break any rules she has just made and the deny will stay in between you and your pathetic cock unless you paid the cuckold tribute

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