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Sexy Sophia Smith wants you to understand that her book is far more important that you'll ever be. You must pay for the privilege of watching her sit and read. She won't acknowledge you or the money you've spent, she'll just sit on her ass and read. This is what she wants from you. She wants you to be ignored while she sits and quietly reads and you're going to pay money for it.

There are some women that love to learn secrets and humiliate their victims if they don't pay up. Carli is one of them. She knows that her stalker is watching her so she teases him. She puts on her favorite heels and black bikini. She takes pictures in and she poses for him. Little does he know but she knows his identity and is ready to black mail him into submission. He will be joining her legions of slaves.

Mistress Mistery shows you what she would love to do to you. She lights up a cigarette and sticks it between her perfect lips. Next she smokes it really in joy and drops the ashes on the ground. Then after the cigarette is gone, she also drops it on the ground and crushes it with her sexy shoes...

Mistress Jasmina Sun shows you what you are good for. You are pathetic and weak and you would never be able to satisfy a woman with anything else than money. Or did you really believe in the power of "small-dick"? You are not a man, you are a wallet on two legs, running around and being raped by sexy girls!

Lady Jessica calls out for you. First this demanding arrogant princess takes all your money right in front of you (POV) and after that she tells you that you will be rewarded for being such a good puppy. She lifts her boot-soles on eyelevel to you, and simply says: "lick"...

Lady Mistery loves to tease her slaves with her perfect body. This time she makes you weak by having a look on her. She gives you commands and orders you to worship her like she deserves to be worshipped - you are nothing to her, just a little pay bitch she can use to live a luxury life...

Princess sexy Jenny sits on the toilet while you kneel in front of her. First she makes you clean her soles with your tongue, then she gets out of her sexy sandals to rub her even more sexy feet on the toilet seat! After she is done, she smiles and holds her feet right into your face to make you lick them clean for her. What a princess - who would be able to resist her???

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