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Mistress Jardena was pissed at the way in which this slave was irresponsible. She felt that she was egging him on by not punishing him for his many mistakes. So she changed tact and she used her slaps and her high heels to humiliate him. He had to endure hard slaps as well as painful high heel trampling. It worked as he feared her and did not want a repeat.

There are some women that love to learn secrets and humiliate their victims if they don't pay up. Carli is one of them. She knows that her stalker is watching her so she teases him. She puts on her favorite heels and black bikini. She takes pictures in and she poses for him. Little does he know but she knows his identity and is ready to black mail him into submission. He will be joining her legions of slaves.

Mistress Jasmina Sun shows you what you are good for. You are pathetic and weak and you would never be able to satisfy a woman with anything else than money. Or did you really believe in the power of "small-dick"? You are not a man, you are a wallet on two legs, running around and being raped by sexy girls!

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