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In this video, Mistress Lola is wearing a sexy bikini made of latex when she decides she wants to punish her slave by sitting on his face and making her breathe in her fumes from the latex outfit! He is such a loser who deserves to be punished by her, she knows that she can do so much better but still she decides to humiliate and dominate him because he is her slave!

...starts now. Mistress Lifestyle Diva Maria wants you to become her permanent slave. She has already prepared a box where you could live in during the time as servant. She talks to you directly in POV and tells you all about her nasty plans she has figured out for you. She wants total obedience - so do you think you are the right choice for her?

Lifestylediva Maria is going to tell you how your new life would look like. She humiliates you, makes you be her ashtray and tells you where you might live ... One of the most cruel girls ever - Lifestylediva Maria

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