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Maria decides to have fun with her filthiest slavepig. Wearing her divine boots she walks though a slop of mud. Then to humiliate her dirty slavepig she smashes and rubs him into the mud with the soles of her boots. The mud becomes divine and it becomes a religious act for the slave to eat it, stones and all. Then she jumps on his back and watches him groan in pain.

She loves making her slave wear a mask and dig through the garbage bin. Eventually he finds some rotten grapes which she makes him eat from the ground. Then she orders him to do push-ups while she stands on his back. Finally she makes him put his head in the stinking garbage can while he waits for her to return. He loves being her slave.

This young femdom loves to humiliate her slave, she loves teasing him as he follows his mistresses orders. She loves causing him pain as she sits and watches her slave publicly humiliate himself while his mistress teases him and denies him of her attention until she wants to. Watch as she shoves the heel of her high heel boots as he worships her feet causing him as much pain as possible.

Mistress Lifestyle Diva Maria and her girlfriend Annabelle are doing a visit to their slave. They sit on chairs and make him perform funny and humiliating things. Then they make him lick and eat dirt off their shoes and after he is humiliated very well they also degrade him as personal ashtray.

Mistress Lady Maria has her slave kneeling on the ground right in front of her as she puts a cone into his mouth and commands him to keep it up. She opens a bottle of campari and starts to fill it right into the cone - he drinks it all up for her and gets intoxicated by her. Next she takes away his money and makes him perform for her...

Mistress Lifestylediva Maria sits on the chairs in her house. She wants you to kneel down and lick her shoes clean. She holds her soles right into your face and makes you lick them clean for her. After that she slips out of them and commands you to bow down to lick her toes, soles and feet clean - you are her personal foot bitch from now on.

...starts now. Mistress Lifestyle Diva Maria wants you to become her permanent slave. She has already prepared a box where you could live in during the time as servant. She talks to you directly in POV and tells you all about her nasty plans she has figured out for you. She wants total obedience - so do you think you are the right choice for her?

Mistress Lifestyle Diva Maria makes her servant weak by infusing alcohol to him. She makes him suck a dildo after he has been made drunken, she uses him as ashtray and even lets him crawl over the ground while wearing girlie nylons. Later she makes him hand over all his money...

Lady Maria has got some evil plans for her slave. He is kneeling in front of her, covered with eggs and fur. She crushes some cakes with her boots and makes her slave lick it all up. After that she feeds him with wax...

Lifestylediva Maria is going to tell you how your new life would look like. She humiliates you, makes you be her ashtray and tells you where you might live ... One of the most cruel girls ever - Lifestylediva Maria

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