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Mistress Katja wants to smother her slave with her sexy white trousers but he protests and claims that he doesn't want to become her living chair, so she has to perform drastic actions. To get quit of his protests she simply shut him up with a dirty sock and some sticky tape she places all over his mouth. Next she doesn't hear him anymore and takes place on his face...

Mistress Lady Juely sits on her favorite red leather sofa as she calls out for you. As soon as you are there she makes you lick her boots clean with a smile on her beautiful face. After you are done she tells you that you will be rewarded: She makes you open up your mouth and begins to spit in it! After she's done she allows you to swallow it all for her.

You are again kneeling in front of your Mistress Lady Anja. This Lady has always new ideas how to degrade and humiliate you. This time she demands your mobile phone and as you hand it over she tells you to kiss her high heels. As you begin she takes pictures with your cell phone and tells you that she is going to send those pictures to all of your contacts even to your wife...

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