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Mistress Tessa and her boyfriend are lying on the bed and kiss each other. Next to Tessa there's her slave kneeling on the ground and waiting for orders. She first make shim lick her dirty shoes clean. After that she Takes them off and commands him to lick up the sweat off her soles. Then she feeds him with some toenails she cuts in front of him and finally he is rewarded with some heavy ball busting kicks...

Mistress Farina has always claimed that she would call your wife if you will not please her. And now it's really happening! You are shocked and can't believe as she really takes out the phone in front of you, dials the number and begins to talk. She tells her that you are actually kneeling on the ground next to her boots and that you won't return home since you will spend the night inside a cage...

Mistress sexy Jenny humiliates you again by showing you her tiny finger in comparison with your penis. She sits on her leather sofa and lights up a cigarette. "You want to jerk off, well then get down on your knees", she says. Then she continues: "Where's the piggy tax?" and you find yourself handing over two hundred dollars to her what she receipted with a smile. "Well go on you pathetic freak, and keep your focus on my feet where it belongs..."

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