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Princess Chanel is sitting outside when she commands her slave to get on his knees at her feet and worship them. He begins to lick the dirt of the bottoms of her shoes making sure that her soles are licked clean. This foot mistress then removes her shoes for her slave to smell as she humiliates him by calling him worthless as he licks the spit off of the bottom of her shoes that she put there.

Lady Anja wants her many slaves to log on and let her slaves pay to see her and hear her humiliate them as well as tease them about how small their penis's are or how worthless and pathetic they are. She loves sitting in her skimpy clothing and knee high boots as she teases and denies her slaves of showing off her body, this is one financial domination that you will never forget.

Mistress Melissa and Mistress Danielle are celebrating the weekend by having a few cocktails, these women love teasing and humiliating their fans who watch as they rack up charges just to see them, these two love financial domination and will make their pay slave to have a few drinks with them. They have no problems taking your money and will make you their drunk slave do anything they want as long as you pay.

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